About Us

Quantum Detectors offer detection systems generated out of advanced research and development at globally leading scientific facilities. Many of the systems employ proprietary technology previously unavailable to commercial customers.

Quantum Detectors was founded in September 2007 to promote a wider exploitation of detectors developed for synchrotron radiation, LASER and other large scale facility applications. Since then the company has grown and is now well integrated into the synchrotron community around the globe. The current products are leaders in their respective areas providing users of such equipped facilities with unique capabilities.

Quantum Detectors is registered as limited company number 05575019.
Our registered address is:
Quantum Detectors Ltd
OX11 0QX

Company Standard Terms and Conditions can be found here and GDPR here.


Development | Strength in partnership

Quantum Detectors is a spinout from the Science and Technology Facilities Council and Diamond Light Source. These partners have an excellent internationally acclaimed track record in the development of both detection technology and turnkey detector systems.

Quantum Detectors will continue to bring existing and future detection developments to the wider scientific and commercial markets from Diamond and the STFC, but in addition to this, Quantum Detectors is also working on or has existing development agreements with other facilities such as the ESRF. This broad range of sources for technology enables Quantum Detectors to offer the most appropriate selection of products to potential customers at such facilities. The unique benefit of commercialising technology developed by synchrotron facilities for synchrotron facilities is that the developers understand the precise requirements of the product intimately and hence are extremely well placed to design an ideal solution. If you have a new product or a new requirement not served by the products listed on our site, please get in touch: we might have something to help you.


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