Medipix3 readout system released to the public – Merlin

22 July, 2014
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Medipix3 readout systems have until now only been available to members of the consortium. This has given these organisations the advantage of having access to this fast, colour, photon counting ASIC well before other facilities. Quantum Detectors have this week formally agreed a license with CERN


CERN Licensor for Medipix3

for Merlin, a readout system designed by Diamond Light Source for Medipix3 and have already started accepting orders. For the full rundown on the capabilities of this exciting little detector, please check out the full merlin page at

In summary, Merlin is capable of:

Zero deadtime readout

Zero noise (photon counting)

8 Energy Thresholds for colour imaging

1200 fps readout rate at 12 bits

55 µm pixels

Charge summing – improving energy resolution by collecting charge from one photon from surrounding pixels

In addition to these features, the Merlin readout system is simple to use, can be calibrated by the user and has been working on beamlines at the Diamond synchrotron for over a year. We have demo units available for potential customers interested in testing the technology before committing to a purchase – please get in touch for more details.

While primarily tested at large scientific facilities, the units are fully operational stand alone and are also used at universities. If you have any questions about the suitability of the detector to your application, please speak to us about any concerns or adaptations you have in mind.

Quad Merlin

Quad Merlin


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