A Fully Spectroscopic Hard X-Ray Imaging Detector. 

What is it? How does it work?

The HEXITEC detector measures the energy and position of every incident photon in the 4-200keV range. Each one of the 80 x 80 pixels provides a full energy spectrum with an average energy resolution of 800eV FWHM at 60keV. It is a self-contained module that only requires a mains power supply and connection to a PC or Laptop. It can be supplied with a user friendly GUI to operate the detector and provide calibrated spectra per pixel or industry standard Gig-E- Vision APIs for users to integrate into their own systems.

Key Features and Benefits


Energy Dispersive Diffraction Imaging ¹


K-Edge Enhance Dimaging ²


X-ray Fluorescence Imaging ²


Multiple radio-isotope ³

Hexitec Specifications

  • Energy Range 4 – 200 keV
  • Energy Resolution per Pixel 800 eV average at 60 keV
  • Frame Rate 9 kHz
  • Data Rate 5M photons/second
  • Standard Detector Material 1mm thick CdTe
  • Dimensions 21 x 5 x 5 cm
  • Weight 700 g
  • Interface Gig E Vision
  • Pixel Size 250 μm x 250 μm
  • Number of Pixels 80 x 80 = 6400
  • Hexitec modules can be supplied with CZT of various thicknesses.


The Hexitec detector comes with its own software for immediate inspection of spectroscopic data.

Application notes

Application notes coming soon.