The products in the Quantum Detectors portfolio above represent those which have made it to the final stage of development. If you are interested in any detector systems or instrumentation from labs that Quantum Detectors collaborates with, please get in touch to see if we can offer you any assistance.


PandABox is the next generation Position and Acquisition processing instrument developed in collaboration between Diamond and Soleil.   PandABox’s main hardware capabilities are listed as:   Gigabit ethernet connectivity for control systems integration and high-speed data acquisition. Capable Zynq-7030 SoC device for significant improvement of existing processing, programmable functionality and tighter system integration. 16-Channel TTL […]

Merlin for EM

An advanced HPAD direct detector development in the field of Electron Microscopy (EM).

Xspress 3

The Next Generation Of Solid State Detector Readout. Capable of data collection at count rates 4Mcps

Merlin for Medipix3

55um energy resolving detector with up to eight thresholds in colour mode, capable of 1200fps burst


All-in-one box allowing signal conversion, logic gating, position capture, and triggering.