Private: V2F Voltage to Frequency Converter

A standard dual channel highly linear reliable voltage to frequency convertor

The Quantum Detectors Dual Synchronous Voltage to Frequency converter unit provides a high quality extremely linear tried and tested device for beam monitoring applications on synchrotrons and other similar sources. Based on a design realised for the synchrotron radiation source at Daresbury Laboratory, this VTF unit has found wide application globally at such facilities as the ESRF, Diamond Light Source and SPring-8

V2F available in NIM and Stand Alone

V2F available in NIM and Stand Alone


The voltage to frequency converter, available in NIM and stand alone format is highly flexible yet affords simple operation. This coupled with the V2F’s high performance specification yields a Voltage to Frequency Converter unit which is both technically ideal and cost effective for scientific applications.

V2F Datasheet



Excellent Linearity

Independently tested industry leading linearity. Data available on request.





Lowest possible noise

Fluctuations of only ± 1 in 1,048,576. Data available on request.


Stand Alone Unit


Stand Alone Unit

Easier to find a home for. No need for a rack or crate.





LEMO Signal Out

To ensure highest quality signal and simple layout.






Industry Standard Inputs

BNC inputs provide a secure standard voltage connection.





NIM Unit

In continuous use for over 10 years. Proven performance in a single width NIM.




Invertible Inputs

For maximum setup flexibility.



V2F Specifications

  • Output Frequency 0 -> 1 MHz
  • Input Voltage 0 -> 10V or 0 -> -10V
  • Input Voltage 0 -> 5V or 0 -> -5V
  • Input Voltage 0 -> 2.5V or 0 -> -2.5V
  • Format NIM or Stand-Alone

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