We are a detector systems company specialising in bringing cutting edge technology to elite research facilities around the world


A versatile direct detector combining exceptional dynamic range, rapid readout, and noise free detection adaptable to most electron microscopes.

Xspress 3 Mini

Introducing Xspress 3 mini – all the features of its big sister the Xpress 3 but with a more compact form and portability between detectors.


A unique spectroscopic area detector for hyperspectral imaging.


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Quantum Detectors Ltd.

Quantum Detectors (QD) was founded in September 2007 to promote a wider exploitation of detectors developed for synchrotron radiation, LASER and other large scale facility applications. Since then the company has grown and is now well integrated into the scientific community around the globe.

Quantum Detectors is a spinout from the Science and Technology Facilities Council and Diamond Light Source, the UK’s synchrotron. These partners have an excellent internationally acclaimed track record in the development of both detection technology and turnkey detector systems. QD offers detection systems generated out of advanced research and development at these globally leading scientific facilities, employing proprietary technology previously unavailable to commercial customers and making them more easily accessible to the benefit of the wider scientific community.