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Quantum Detectors is all about you and your work. Scientist or researcher, microscopist or analyst, you deserve the best possible data from your TEM- or synchrotron-based research. So we bring you the DED and readout tools you need to make sure you get it. We save you time, money and stress, while you make the next great discoveries.

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Our story

Quantum Detectors was founded in 2007, a technology spin-out from the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and Diamond Light Source (DLS), the UK’s synchrotron radiation facility. Our core mission was a clear one. Make our cutting-edge technology accessible to the global science community. And that’s what we’ve done.

The company today is a market-leading provider of advanced direct electron detectors and readout solutions employed in TEM and synchrotron radiation facilities throughout the world. Serving scientific and commercial research sectors, we have gained a reputation for customer service and support with our lifetime product care, continuous product improvement and bespoke solution capability.

Quantum Detectors is now recognised as being at the forefront of 4D STEM analysis, having the largest installed base of DEDs supporting all major TEM brands, including Hitachi, JEOL and Thermo Fisher Scientific. And with several hundred installations operational in the field, our readout systems are leading the way in accessing high-quality beamline data.

Sustainability promise

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Our journey to bring new technology to you


Quantum Detectors was founded with its first employee. March, 2007

The company was provided with initial funding and tasked with commercialising technology developed at the SRS synchrotron at Daresbury Laboratory.


First Xspress 3 commercial units installed, 2012

Diamond Light Source were the first recipients of a commercial Xspress 3 system from QD, and went on to put them on over half of their beamlines since.

Xpress 3 mini

Xspress 3 mini developed, 2015

In response to customer requests for a smaller more nimble digital pulse processor, we redesigned the Xspress platform to create Xspress 3 mini. The hardware is now portable between detectors and the software redesigned to allow a user friendly recalibration in just a few minutes.

Group 92

1st MerlinEM installation, 2016

A collaboration between QD and the University of Glasgow, the first MerlinEM direct electron detector for electron microscopy use was installed at the University of Antwerp in the group of Prof Jo Verbeeck.

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Meet the team that make our technology possible

Like any great high-technology company, Quantum Detectors brings together that unique blend of in-depth technical and commercial knowledge and experience. A highly qualified, integrated team that knows how to communicate with customers and solve their most pressing problems.

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Partners who help our mission

Quantum Detectors is partnered with STFC and DLS in the on-going development of cutting-edge DED and readout system products. At the same time, we collaborate closely with larger scale facilities like the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France, and academic institutions like the University of Glasgow, Scotland.  Such strategic relationships ensure we remain at the forefront of new industry thinking.

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We’ve had a Merlin detector installed on our JEOL GrandArm 300 since 2016, and it is a crucial component of our user capability at ePSIC. The rapid readout, zero noise, and high dynamic range of the camera have really opened up the possibilities for 4D STEM and other applications, particularly under low dose conditions. Quantum Detectors have been great to work with as they are very receptive and responsive to our feedback, and have continued to develop the detector and software to better suit the scientific community. We have now installed a further MerlinEM 4R camera on our new JEOL microscope ‘Ruska’ at the Rosalind Franklin Institute, for use in ptychography of biological samples

Professor Angus Kirkland - Science Director, Electron Physical Science Imaging Centre

Whats happening at Quantum Detectors

Quantum Detectors install MerlinEM at RFI


Quantum Detectors install MerlinEM at RFI

The MerlinEM DED is an advanced detector development in the field of Electron Microscopy, combining direct detection of electrons and rapid readout in a pixelated format ideal for applications in 4D STEM and TEM dynamic imaging.

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New 100 keV CryoEM camera launching with collaborations from STFC, RFI and Quantum Detectors


New 100 keV CryoEM camera launching with collaborations from STFC, RFI and Quantum Detectors

The Quantum C100 detector, has been optimised for 100 keV and has been developed as a key component to facilitate economic access of the emerging field of imaging around the world.

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Quantum Detectors introduce their brand new HQ


Quantum Detectors introduce their brand new HQ

Quantum Detectors are pleased to announce they have moved. Still on the RAL site but with state of the art production facilities and open plan office spaces for our team to collaborate and communicate.

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Open the door to new science with Quantum Detectors

Quantum Detectors is about you. Scientist, researcher, microscopist or analyst, you deserve the best possible data from your TEM- or synchrotron-based work.

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