A unique blend of technical and commercial know-how

Roger, the CEO

Roger has a Master of Physics from the University of Manchester and has gone on to complete qualifications at The University of Cambridge and The University of Oxford. Ensuring the continuation and development of relationships with stakeholders is really at the forefront of Roger’s daily work but, his door is always open to the QD team whenever his impressive catalogue of knowledge is required.

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Zoltan, the Head of Sales and Marketing

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Sally, the COO

Sally, has the team with the most diverse roles. Sally has a Master of Chemistry from the University of Sheffield and then went on to receive her PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification, the gold standard, in Project Management. Encouraging her team to pursue professional qualifications to ensure QD has the best in the field and remain at the top of their game is one of her top priorities. Sally ensures the company culture at QD remains diverse, upbeat and generally a great place to work!

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Liam, the CTO

Liam drives the development of cutting-edge technology from Quantum Detectors. Liam has a Doctor of Philosophy in Structural Biology from the University of Manchester. Often when working with developing technology the R&D team are encouraged, by Liam, to consider any challenge or setback as a learning opportunity. Liam is an integral, hands-on member of the senior leadership team, taking pride in the cutting-edge products, innovative science QD customers achieve and his team.

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