Introducing our brand new Head of Sales and Marketing

Left to right: Dr. Zoltán Gál, Dr. Damien McGrouther & Dr. Olivia Sleator

There have been some exciting changes happening behind the scenes at Quantum Detectors that we are now delighted to share with you. Dr. Olivia Sleator has stepped away from her role as Head of Sales and Marketing. Olivia will continue with us at Quantum Detectors and continue supporting our fantastic community but as Sales Strategy Manager.
We now welcome Dr. Zoltán Gál as Head of Sales and Marketing. Zoltán has previously worked at Rigaku Oxford Diffraction and Oxford Cryosystems, supporting structural science with X-rays and neutrons. Zoltán is excited to join the team at Quantum Detectors, enabling EM and Synchrotron research with high-quality measurements using our cutting-edge technology.
We also had a very good friend of ours at Quantum Detectors visit our headquarters this week. Dr. Damien McGrouther, Applications Specialist at JEOL UK Damien has worked closely with us at Quantum Detectors since his work at the University of Glasgow and the very beginning of the MerlinEM. Damien was instrumental in the development of the MerlinEM and even installed the first few. We wish Damien the very best in his new role with JEOL UK and look forward to continuing our work.

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