Express 3 Examines Medicago

Ryan Tappero – Root Nodule of Medicago

Ryan Tappero from Brookhaven National Laboratory used Xspress 3 to investigate root nodules of Medicago (Alfalfa) at 13-ID-D at the APS. The unique performance of the readout system enabled him to take measurements that would not otherwise have been possible.

Take a look below for the full story:

Sample for fluorescence computed microtomography (fCMT) measurement is large in one direction and small in the other direction such that at theta+0 degrees we measure say 10K CPS and at theta=90 degrees we measure say 10M CPS.



Measurement without Xspress 3

Measurement without Xspress 3

Measurement with Xspress 3

Measurement with Xspress 3, medicago

Without Xspress 3 

CPS = 1.45M

without xspress 3 graph


With Xspress 3

CPS = 3.2M

Measurement with Xspress 3 and graph