Merlin 1R installation at MPI Stuttgart

After our initial launch in December 2016, we are rapidly approaching double digit installations of Merlin in the electron microscopy community! Our most recent install is at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, in the laboratory of Professor Peter van Aken.

The detector is mounted into the 35mm port of their JEOL ARM 200F above the viewing screen and Dr Tim Pennycook, pictured below, is keen to exploit the exceptionally high dynamic range, fast readout rates, and flexibility in experiment design to do ptychography experiments. The detector has a failsafe retractable design, so wont interfere in downstream detection, although it is also possible to mount the detector further down the column, opposite an Ultrascan camera for example.

Dr Tim Pennycook using Merlin at MPI Stuttgart


Merlin’s adaptable design and impressive features make this a great addition to many microscopes, and as such we have multiple successful installations on FEI, JEOl and Hitachi microscopes.




Merlin 1R



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