Merlin for Medipix 3, the 55µm (512×512) detector recently released by Quantum Detectors for applications such as X-Ray Diffraction, Tomography and X-Ray Scattering continues to progress.

The engineers working on Merlin made the useful discovery last week that with some optimisation, the inclusion of an SSD enables us to push Merlin to even faster rates for longer. The Quad Merlin will now run at 100Hz, (up from 50Hz), only limited by disk space. The fastest rate used in these tests, 1KHz, will run for 5.1s before the buffer fills up. Please see the data below and the Merlin page for more details.

Every Merlin system ordered from today will include the free upgrade to SSD.

SSD Merlin, available now from Quantum Detectors

New faster burst rates available for longer with optimisation and SSD