Merlin on tour: the Medipix 3RX detector is on tour for you to test for yourself.

Merlin has been out on the road for demonstrations at Universities and Synchrotrons around the globe. This phase contrast image of a lace-wing insect was taken at the University of Göttingen in Germany. They were impressed by its easy to use GUI and readout speed which we tested at over 1000 frames per second with no dead time between them. Merlin also allows you to set energy thresholds in KeV rather than the arbitrary DAC values seen on some systems.

Merlin on Tour

Merlin at Göttingen

Merlin on Tour

Phase Contrast image taken with Merlin unit=pixel


Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Tom Irving at the APS stated, “I got what I wanted” after trialling Merlin and recording this diffraction image of a mouse leg muscle.

Difraction of mouse leg muscle

Tom Irving – APS – Difraction of mouse leg muscle

Click here for more info and a quick video tour of Merlin


Get in touch if you’d like to get Merlin on tour to your lab.


The Merlin photon counting detector system with Medipix3 ASIC packs a lot in for its size.  With a vast range of applications, Merlin is a high performance X-Ray imaging detector that requires no additional cooling system. Being around the size of a mobile phone, is easily installed into small spaces.

The system is supplied with a LabView GUI to get you up and running quickly. TANGO and EPICS drivers have been written to allow you to integrate it into your system.