PandABox is the next generation Position and Acquisition processing instrument developed in collaboration between Diamond and Soleil.

This is a community supported Open Hardware project! This is unlike the other products in the Quantum Detectors portfolio in that support can be sought through the community on



PandABox’s main hardware capabilities are listed as:


  • Gigabit ethernet connectivity for control systems integration and high-speed data acquisition.
  • Capable Zynq-7030 SoC device for significant improvement of existing processing, programmable functionality and tighter system integration.
  • 16-Channel TTL and 4-Channel LVDS I/Os for synchronous triggering and clocking with higher timing resolution.
  • 4-Channels of encoder interface I/Os, supporting a wider range of protocols.
  • 3-Channels of SFP Gigabit Transceiver interface for possible applications including IpBus, Timing System, or custom high-speed serial connectivity.
  • A fully compliant Low-Pin Count FMC slot for interfacing to analog and digital off-the-shelf boards or custom I/O modules.


PandABox integrates required Linux kernel drivers and TCP-server software providing a socket-based interface to configure and controls its operation. An open source areaDetector driver is available for integrating the data stream into an EPICS control system.


PandABox System Integration:


Each unit will compose of following electronics modules mechanically assembled into a 1U chassis:

  • Main carrier PCB board
  • Front panel PCB board
  • 4x Encoder Daughter Modules
  • Avnet Picozed-7030 Zynq SoC Module

Further Details

PandABox datasheet

More info on the open source hardware project can be found here OHWR PandABox Hardware Repository.