Software Consultancy

Quantum Detectors specialises in software consultancy for science and large scale facilities, from capturing requirements, development, project delivery, to long term support for deployed projects. Our primary customers are world leading research facilities such as Diamond Light Source.


Why choose us?

Our team consists of experienced research scientists as well as software developers, we believe this combination is vital in scientific software development to ensure requirements are fully captured and that ultimately customers are provided with complete solutions. Many scientific software teams lack sufficient understanding of the scientific question which they are addressing.

Information management

We specialise in information management and interfaces for such databases.


We specialise in object orientated Python development.

Data analysis and processing

With backgrounds from world leading research organisations we can offer first class data analysis and processing services to suit your organisation’s needs.

Agile development

Are you in need of rigorous software development? Look no further.

Embedded software

Extensive capabilities in embedded software development for microprocessors.

Web development

Complex web based application development, both front end and server side (full-stack).


Control system software for TANGO and EPICS.

Let us help you out with that!

With our extensive experience in both research and software development we provide the competencies for all your software needs.

Portfolio: ISPyB’s SynchWeb

Quantum Detectors develop and maintain the SynchWeb interface for ISPyB

SynchWeb is the most advanced and complete interface to the Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) database ISPyB. This is currently deployed to all MX users at Diamond Light SourceRead More. Source code is available on github and more extensive information can be found on the github pages

Portfolio: XRF Web

Quantum Detectors recently developed XRF-Web

XRF-Web is a simple web application for inspection and fitting of ascii fluorescence spectra, demonstrating the type of functionality possible with modern web based technology.