SynchWeb is the most advanced and feature rich interface to the ISPyB information management database for Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography


SynchWeb: The most advanced web interface for ISPyB

SynchWeb is a web based interface to the ISPyB database. It was developed in response to the movement in Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography (MX) towards high throughput automated data collection, and automated processing pipelines. It makes use of modern web technologies such as CSS3/HTML5 and is fully responsive, working on desktop and tablet computers, and mobile phones.

SynchWeb provides a realtime way to monitor MX beamlines, as well as evaluating beamtime, and ultimately a way for users to evaluate projects outside of the traditional “beamline session” workflow. More information about SynchWeb can be found here and source code can be found on github


  • RequireJS, BackboneJS / Marionette, Backgrid, Flot, SASS
  • Slim REST API


  • Realtime monitoring of data collection, grid / mesh scans, energy scans, fluorescence spectra, per image analysis, integrated diffraction image viewer
  • Inspection of automated integration pipelines and downstream processing such as ligand search
  • Beamline monitoring including ring status, webcams, and sample changer
  • Fully responsive (optimised for desktop and mobile devices)
  • Extensive session evaluation and beamline statistics and reporting
  • Project evaluation through protein and project views
  • Complimentary touchscreen and android application for sample changer and sample tracking respectively.


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  2. Presentation at ISPyB / MxCube joint meeting at ALBA, December 2015