FWHM Vs OCR with NIST sample at APS

The Xspress 3 readout system was investigated using an insertion device beamline at the APS. The results (to the right) show that the resolution of the Mn peak at low rates is close to ideal at 125 eV. This then degrades as the system is pushed to almost 3.5 Mcps, although still producing analyzable peaks. The chart shows the 4 channels of the Vortex ME-4, one of which (labelled black here) was either not calibrated as well or not performing as well as the others.

The readout system was integrated into the beamline network and later on also into the beamline’s native mapping applications. The EPICS interface enables integration across the network without significant changes to existing systems.

APS Experiment Specifics

Focused beam size to ~3mm x 3mm

X-ray Energy: 10.3 keV, Si (111)
Detector: SII Vortex ME-4
Sample: NIST SRM1832

Further data, (including larger charts!) available on request