CheeTah M3

Large area direct electron counting detectors dedicated for all experiments with large dynamic range, such as 3D-ED or 4D-STEM with high beam currents.

CheeTah M3 Mega_ASI_Quantum_Detectors

Overview of the CheeTah M3

The CheeTah M3 is a hybrid pixel detector for electron microscopy applications. The detector drives the full power of Medipix 3 technology, enabling single electron sensitivity, as well as high-speed and noiseless data acquisition.


  • Frame-based direct electron detection
  • Up to 2000 frames per second
  • CheeTah Ultra: 512 x 1024 pixels, monolithic sensor
  • CheeTah Mega: 1024 x 1024 pixels, TSV technology

Applications and features of the CheeTah M3

3DED without compromise

Smallest gaps and large angular coverage enable determination of structures with high intensity contrast and large unit cells

Optimised cooling to ensure long-term experimental stability

Monolithic sensor for CheeTah M3 Ultra

TSV technology for minimal gap in CheeTah M3 Mega

Bottom-mount detectors, compatible with CF100 flanges

Continuous read-write mode with 24 bit dynamic range

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