CheeTah T3 EELS

Low-intensity event-based detector, enabling low-dose EELS analysis with ultrashort dwell times on beam sensitive samples. Noise-free and ultra sensitive.

CheeTah T3 EELS_ASI_Quantum_Detectors

Overview of the CheeTah T3 EELS

CheeTah T3 detectors are event-driven, time-resolved hybrid pixel detectors with monolithic sensors. The 1.56 nanosecond time resolution enables the end user to perform experiments where time resolution is key, and is particularly advantageous for short dwell time STEM applications.


  • Direct electron counting detector for event-driven EELS
  • Time resolution of 1.56 nanoseconds
  • Real-time data preview
  • Optimised sensor for 200 and 300 kV microscopes
  • 1024 x 256 pixels (1 x 4) monolithic sensor

Features of the CheeTah T3 EELS

Compact design enabling integration to a wide range of energy filters

TDC ports enable synchronisation with scan generators and other hardware

Full integration with CEOS Panta Rhei software

Perform EELS on beam sensitive samples

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