Quantum Detectors announces strategic partnership with Amsterdam Scientific Instruments

Quantum Detectors becomes the exclusive distributor of Amsterdam Scientific Instruments' Electron Microscopy and X-ray detectors as new strategic partnership announced

Oxford, 7th September 2023. Quantum Detectors is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) ahead of the upcoming IMC20 event in Busan, from 11th – 15th September. The partnership sees Quantum Detectors become the primary distributor of leading CERN sensor technology in the microscopy market.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in advancing scientific research. It will streamline the distribution process, and provide researchers with access to Medipix and Timepix based technology from a single provider. The strategic partnership will also expand the reach of both companies within the Electron Microscopy market, and provide customers with a broader range of options for their research needs. 

QD ASI partnership

Roger Goldsbrough (left) and Thorbjoern Schoenbeck (right)

Key highlights of the partnership: 

  • Researchers will have the convenience of a unified provider for Quantum Detectors’ and ASI’s Electron Microscopy and X-ray detectors, streamlining procurement processes and ensuring swift access to critical equipment. 
  • Comprehensive access to X-ray and Electron Microscopy detectors, engineered to meet the demanding requirements of cutting-edge X-ray and TEM based research. Quantum Detectors with Timepix and Medipix products will provide unbiased advice for customers learning the relative merits of event vs. frame-based acquisitions.
  • Enhanced collaboration with the aim of fostering stronger ties between Quantum Detectors, ASI, and the global scientific community. By delivering essential detector solutions with unparalleled precision, the partnership seeks to facilitate groundbreaking discoveries through collaboration rather than competition.

Roger Goldsbrough, CEO, Quantum Detectors commented, Our partnership with Amsterdam Scientific Instruments represents a significant stride in our commitment to providing advanced scientific instrumentation to enable scientists to make their breakthroughs. By exclusively distributing ASI’s specialised Electron Microscopy and X-ray detectors in combination with our own world-leading technology, we are dedicated to continuing to support the extraordinary research conducted in laboratories worldwide and contributing to the global scientific community.

The partnership leverages the combined expertise of both companies to support an expanding network of direct electron detectors in the community. The ASI team will continue to serve their existing and future network of users with support related queries. This support will empower researchers to continue to achieve accurate and reliable results in their experiments.

Collaborating with Quantum Detectors is a pivotal step in expanding the reach of our cutting-edge detector solutions. Through this partnership, we aim to fortify the capabilities of scientific research, with the confidence of having a full range of state-of-the-art detection technology available from a single source. Thorbjoern Schoenbeck, CEO, Amsterdam Scientific Instruments

About Quantum Detectors: 

Quantum Detectors develops novel detector technology and readout systems for electron microscopy and synchrotron research. We believe that access to the best detection technology should be the fuel behind scientific discovery, not the barrier. We will democratise cutting edge detection technologies and the skills to use them by working closely with world leading scientists and scientific facilities. 

About Amsterdam Scientific Instruments: 

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) is a leading innovator in detector technology, specialising in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge solutions for scientists across various research disciplines. Founded in 2011, ASI has continuously pushed the boundaries of scientific discovery by providing accessible, user-friendly, and adaptable detectors that empower researchers to excel in their work.

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