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Quantum Detectors showcasing results from ReadCrystal Biotech 3D Electron Diffraction Capabilities

Wednesday 21st June 2023, 12 pm BST.

Join us for our upcoming webinar on de novo structure determination via 3D electron diffraction. Our guest speaker will be Dr Leifeng Liu, who obtained his PhD from Stockholm University, and is now the CEO of ReadCrystal Biotech (Suzhou, China), a company specialising in providing commercial 3DED/microED services to global researchers. Dr Liu will highlight a variety of samples whose structures were successfully determined by electron diffraction using our versatile hybrid pixel direct electron counting detector, MerlinEM.

After the introduction of the history, theory, and applications of 3DED/microED technology, we will discuss the practical use of electron diffraction. We will feature the work on the Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs), which are of great commercial interest for a variety of applications including catalysis, gas / vapour separation, gas storage, luminescence, and biomedical imaging. An atomic resolution structure of a COF using MerlinEM will be reviewed by ReadCrystal.

Precise absolute configuration determination is critically important for molecules of pharmaceutical relevance. Two examples will be presented, where the measurements and analysis of ReadCrystal have definitively determined the chirality of each molecule.

As our last example, we will discuss a protein crystal solved by 3DED/MicroED, demonstrating the versatility of the method and the capabilities of the MerlinEM detectors of resolving large unit cells.

We will finish with addressing the typical challenges faced by the 3DED/microED methodology, including low-resolution data, radiation damage, and issues when studying large molecules, e.g. polypeptides. We will also explore the bottlenecks of crystal growth and sample optimisation.

Join us to learn how advances in hybrid detector technology enable scientific discovery and expand your capabilities in structure determination.

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