Quantum Detectors Win Award

The NI Engineering Impact Awards is a technical application contest, showcasing the most innovative projects based on NI software and hardware. Following our case study, Quantum Detectors are extremely proud to have won an award in Advanced Research for Merlin; our state of the art photon counting detector with Medipix 3RX ASIC.

Our cutting-edge X-ray imaging system, not only counts individual photons, but also has 8 energy thresholds, no deadtime between frames and 55µm pixels.

NI Award

Read more  about how Merlin can acquire X-ray images at 100 frames/second in continuous mode & 1,200 frames/second in burst mode. 

A great deal of the credit for the original development should go to the Diamond Detector Group, specifically Nicola Tartoni, Ian Horswell, David Omar, Jonathan Spiers and Richard Plackett. Thanks guys!