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The first MerlinEM User Meeting

The first MerlinEM User Meeting hosted by Quantum Detectors took place on Tuesday 21st November, at Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, UK.

On Tuesday 21st November, Quantum Detectors was proud to host the first ever European MerlinEM User Meeting at its HQ in Harwell, UK. The event brought together members of the global electron microscopy and MerlinEM user communities, to showcase the research and achievements that have been enabled by our users.

As the seven year anniversary of the first MerlinEM installation approached, and with more than 80 systems now installed worldwide, the meeting marked a considerable milestone in the journey of our detector technology. We were delighted to welcome guests from around the world, to share in the speaker sessions and discussions centred on the myriad of techniques employed using the MerlinEM so far, and best practices for using the detector.

Central to the day was our fantastic line-up of speakers, without whom the day would not have been possible. The sessions covered a range of applications of the Medipix-based MerlinEM detector, including 4D-STEM, ptychography and electron diffraction, as well as an exploration of the Merlin platform development and performance.

Quantum Detectors MerlinEM User Meeting Speakers

The MerlinEM panel of 13 speakers, in order from left to right, featured: Ton van Helvoort, Damien McGrouther, Tobias Heil, Alex Eggeman, Pedro Nuñes, Chris Allen, Aravind Raji, Chen Huang, Leopoldo Molina-Luna, Simon Fellner, Johan Verbeeck, Martien den Hertog, Angus Kirkland

The sessions were recorded, and we will be sharing the publicly available information on our digital channels in the near future.  You can find the full speaker schedule here, and if there is a particular talk you would like to hear more about, please do get in touch.

Liam O'Ryan, Matus Krajnak and Gearoid Mangan, Quantum Detectors

Paving the way for the future

To close off the day, the Quantum Detectors team took to the stage, consisting of Application Scientists Matus Krajnak and Gearóid Mangan, and CTO Liam O’Ryan. Matus, who has been involved with the Merlin since the very beginning, provided an overview of the MerlinEM and its applications, and Gearóid shared some examples of the MerlinEM for 3DED. Finally, CTO Liam O’Ryan presented some of the latest developments, before opening up the discussion to the floor to explore user needs and future technologies for frame-based and event-based detectors.

Liam O’Ryan, CTO of Quantum Detectors, shared:

“Having the opportunity to not only see our MerlinEM customers face to face, but to speak to so many of our users in one place, is invaluable to us. Our priority is to make sure we develop products that meet the needs of our customers, both now and in the future. To allow us to do this, it’s so important for us to hear first-hand about what is working, as well as what additional features could enhance the products.

The open forum sparked some interesting discussions and gave us the chance to capture some crucial feedback from our users. It also provided a unique chance to discuss some of the future requirements and features, that will enable us to further support our users to keep pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.”

Following the success of our European MerlinEM User Meeting, we are looking forward to organising further events in different areas of the world in the future. We welcome anyone who thinks there would be interest in their region to please reach out to the team.

Here are a few snapshots from the first European MerlinEM User Meeting:

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