Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 14.34.19The University of Chicago’s GSECARS beamline at the APS have released their own findings comparing the standard Vortex ME4 with the new 1mm thick Vortex ME4 ASIC, both equipped with the Xspress 3 readout system.

In December, Quantum Detectors received a dataset from the GSECARS beamline, 13-ID-E, at the APS. They have been working with a pair of Xspress 3 systems to examine the differences between the standard Vortex ME4 and the new 1mm thick Vortex ME4 ASIC detector.

The experiments also highlighted the advantages of the Xspress 3 system against their previous readout system. Mapping data from GSECARS is included in Xspress 3 Application Notes (pdf).

Using Xspress 3, researchers at GSECARS were able to measure 13 femtograms of Molybdenum in the beam, identified against background counts almost 2 orders of magnitude greater than those of the Molybdenum Ka peak. Data as prepared by Matt Newville is presented here (pptx).

Xspress 3 is a mature fluorescence detector readout system with over 30 units installed at beamlines around the world. It has developed a real following amongst those with high flux applications including mapping, XANES/EXAFS and MAD/SAD.